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What is Thin client?

Thin clients or ordinary tiny computers are not much different from desktop computers in terms of price. Regarding the various types of products on the market, prices vary. Due to the high speed and better performance of the Thin Clients, it usually starts at 2,400,000 Tomans and continues to cost about 3,600,000 Tomans. Of course, these prices are approximate and the price range is changing daily.

The difference between a thin client and a regular computer

The difference between a thin client and a regular computer

Mini-computer, thin client, mini-pc are all in one sense, that is, a small computer with no difference, just different names for the same device, and like a regular computer with a variety of hardware (RAM, CPU, Storage, …), the manufacturers of these small computers, in order to be able to offer smaller products, have to remove or modify some of the hardware of a typical computer, which we mention below:

CPU  RAM  Storage  Mother Board   POWER   Optic Drive  VGA

(advantages of thin clients)

  • Low power consumption: About 20-50 watts of power minicomputers will have 60 percent energy savings compared to 200-300 watts of conventional computers.
  • Longer lifetimes: Usually double the usual computers, due to the removal of mechanical components such as a fan and a hard drive (although some customers choose a laptop hard drive that usually lasts 4-6 years and is in a lower price, instead of choosing the core).
  • Engaging less space:
  • Thin client’s size is smaller compared to the usual computers.
  • More sustainability: Because all minicomputer hardware is assembled by a company and sometimes does not even require software drivers, and are assembled according to a standard, they have a higher stability ratio than a computer.

Raha services

The strategy of an importer is one of the items that strongly affect the final price: for example, some sellers just sell thin clients but some provide their customers with supported services and guarantee their goods to satisfy them.

Hence Raha engineering co. through having a professional team including sophisticated experts and considering its clients tries its best to provide the latest services to capture the imagination of its customers. These services include thin client’s services and after-sales services.

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