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What are UI and UX?

UX stands for User Experience. User experience means easier product use for any type of audience. A UX designer examines the different feelings and experiences of the user when using the system services.

UI stands for User Interface. The interface is the space in which interactions between man and machine occur. A UI designer implements the user interface in such a simpleness way that has a beautiful, functional look that the user can communicate with.

What is UI and UX?
Difference between UX and UI

Difference between UX and UI

UI and UX sometimes used instead, while the two are very different. UI is only part of the UX, while UX is a product and tool for impacting the audience. To have a good impact on the audience, we need to have a strong user interface. Psychological concepts are the tools used in the user experience; while in the interface we use images, videos, and diagrams.

UI and UX services at Raha Soft

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UI and UX services at Rahasoft