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What is zero client?

The Zero client is a device that can be replaced with computers and provide the computer user with the service they want, and its difference with the thin client is that the thin client can serve alone and even without a network connection to the user. But the Zero client needs to have a central server and network platform to provide the service to its user.

Zero client is a collection of hardware & software that a user should be able to access and receive their desktop service that is mostly in the form of windows7.

The features of zero client

Well in the process receiving desktop service there are some steps that need to be covered:

  1. 1-The system of zero client should be able to recognize extra accessories like printer and should be able to forward them to the server.
  2. Well this subject is needed to be supported with a professional team so this device can be recognized with others and for example if a new printer recently has marketed can be connected to the device without having any problem and if so the problem can be solved as soon as possible.
  3. The operating system on the Zero client (frame) should be able to synchronize with the newest operating systems (new windows) and their updates as quickly as possible and to be able to get the best possible experience possible. Provide network managers and users.
  4. The operating system on the Zero client (frame) should be able to match itself with new upgrades of hyper Vmware & citrix and should be able to tackle with new problems.

We have special packages you can be offered and they include: vcloudpoint/sharevdi/ibikaster/tcpoint that we are their official agent in middle east.

Raha services zero client

Raha services

The strategy of an importer is one of the items that strongly affect the final price: for example, some sellers just sell zero clients but some provide their customers with supported services and guarantee their goods to satisfy them.

Hence Raha engineering co. through having a professional team including sophisticated experts and considering its clients tries its best to provide the latest services to capture the imagination of its customers. These services include zero client’s services and after-sales services.